Pinder Plants supply ornamental trees in all sizes. Container-grown all year round and bare-root or open-ground stock from November to March. Trees are available from 40-60cm bare-root whips to heavy standards with 20-25cm stem girths. Prices may depend on quantities and logistics, so it is always best to email over your requirements.

Below is a list of popular varieties, many available as bare-root, rootballed and container-grown.

Acer campestre
Acer camp. Elsrijk
Acer plat.Emerald Queen
Acer plat.Cleveland
Acer plat.Crimson King
Acer plat.Drummondii
Acer rufinerve
Alnus cordata
Alnus glutinosa
Alnus glutinosa Imperialis
Amelanchier canadensis
Betula pendula
Betula utilis jacquemontii
Betula albo./ Fascination
Betula nigra
Carpinus betulus
Carpinus Fastigiata
Carpinus Frans Fontaine
Castanea sativa
Corylus colurna
Crataegus Paul’s Scarlet
Crataegus prun.Splendens
Fagus sylvatica
Fagus syl atropurpurea
Liquidambar Worplesdon
Malus Evereste
Malus Red Sentinel
Platanus acerifolia
Populus tremula
Prunus avium
Prunus avium Plena
Prunus Kanzan
Prunus Sunset Boulevard
Prunus Tai Haku
Prunus serrula
Prunus padus
Pyrus Chanticleer
Quercus robur
Quercus rubra
Quercus palustris
Quercus robur Fastigiata
Sorbus aucuparia
Sorbus Cardinal Royal
Sorbus Sheerwater
Sorbus Asplenifolia
Sorbus Golden Wonder
Sorbus discolor
Sorbus Sunshine
Sorbus Joseph Rock
Sorbus hupehensis
Sorbus Blackberry
Sorbus Olympic Flame
Sorbus aria Lutescens
Sorbus aria Majestica
Sorbus thur. Fastigiata
Sorbus int.Brouwers
Tilia Greenspire
Tilia Roelvo
Tilia euchlora
Tilia plat.Rubra
Tilia tom.Brabant