Amenity supplies

Pinder Plants now supplies a wide range of  materials and equipment useful for landscape and ground maintenance.

AMENITY SUPPLIES 2013 Web version




Growmore (25kg) Code: GRG

Rose Food (25kg) Code: ROF

Sincron (25kg) Code: SINCRON

Vitax Q4 (25kg) powder Code: VITAXQ4

Vitax Q4 HN (25kg) pelleted Code: VITAXHN

YaraMila Complex (25kg) Code: YMC25

Maxicrop Triple (10ltr) Code: MAXTR

Maxicrop Seq.Iron Code: MAXIR

Organic Based Fertilisers

Maxicrop Organic Code: MAXOR

Bonemeal (25kg) Code: BOM25

Fish, Blood & Bone (25kg) Code: FIB

Seaweed Calcified (25kg) Code: SEAWE

Straight Fertilisers

Garden Lime (25kg) Code: GAL

Sulphate of Iron (25kg) Code: SUIR

(Ask about a bulk discount?)


A cost effective woven polypropylene material that

combines excellent weed suppression with optimum water


Supercover 1m x 100m Code: SUPAF1

Supercover 1.5m x 100m Code: SUPAF15

Supercover 2mx 100m Code: SUPAF2

Supercover 3.25m x 50m Code: SUPAF3

Supercover 4.2m x 50m Code: SUPAF5

Supercover 5.2m x 50m Code: SUPAF6A

Brown SPIRAL TREE guards

24” Brown Spiral Tree Guards (250) Code: TRG24BK

(10% discount for 1,000+)

30” Brown Spiral Tree Guards (250) Code: TRG30BK

(10% discount for 1,000+)

Bamboo Canes

3’ Canes (500/bale) Code: CAN3D

4’ Canes (250/bale) Code: CAN4E

5’ Canes (250/bale) Code: CAN5A

6’ Canes (250/bale) Code: CAN6A

(Need bigger, please ask?)


Thin Stakes 1.8m x 50mm

Thin Stakes 1.5m x 60mm

Thin Stakes 1.2m x 60mm

tree ties

18” Buckle Tree Ties (100) Code: TRT18

(10% discount for 1,000+)

24” Buckle Tree Ties (100) Code: TRT24

(10% discount for 1,000+)



18” Super Soft Ties (100) Code: TRTS18

(10% discount for 1,000+)

23” Super Soft Tues (100) Code: TRTS23

(10% discount for 1,000+)

Mulch Material

100cmx100cm Code: MULCH1

150cmx100cm Code: MULCH15

200cmx100cm Code: MULCH2

300cmx100cm Code: MULCH3


Ground Cover Pegs (100/pack) Code: COVED


Tree and Shrub Mix 40 litre bag

Mushroom Compost 40 litre bag

Horse Manure 40 litre bag

Cow Manure 40 litre bag

Multipurpose Compost 60 litre bag

Ericaceous Compost 70 litre bag

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Not all these items are held in stock, so please allow time for delivery