Top Quality Box Hedging

These 11cm pot Buxus sempervirens are a very cost effective way to create a box hedge.

Lush green plants at 20cm tall and 12-15cm wide. The pictures are of stock delivered today.

Griselinia Hedging

Superb Griselinia littoralis available in 25 litre (150cm) and 12 litre (120cm+) 

email Charlie for prices at

25 litre Griselinia


Rootballed Hedging Available

The first delivery this year of rootballed and bare-root plants for various landscaping projects. Laurel, Thuja & Yew amongst the most popular lines. (Images of stock delivered in this week)




Rootballed Yew – now available

Rootballed Yew (Taxus baccata) are now available. pictured are 100-120cm plants, 35-40cm wide. 

20151008_090453 20151008_090433

2 plants per metre would make an ideal hedge after 1 years growth (2 metre run illustrated here)